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Room  2 - Existing  Conditions  around  Station  Areas

As part of planning along the LYNX Silver Line Corridor, the existing conditions around the station areas was evaluated, such as population and employment density, multimodal connectivity, and vacant or underutilized parcels within the station area that may be ripe for redevelopment. Learn more about the existing conditions of the Stallings and Indian Trail demonstration areas below.

Stallings  & Indian Trail  Existing  Conditions 

24167.002_Existing Conditions-01.jpg
  • The area adjacent to the proposed stations consists of commercial and industrial land uses. Within a half mile of the stations, there are also existing residential and institutional areas as well as parks and open spaces.

  • The proposed stations are located within employment areas, as there is a high density of jobs immediately next to them. There are concentrations of both jobs and residences within a half mile of the stations.

  • Several roads within a half mile of the proposed stations have existing sidewalks, including segments of Stallings Road, Matthews-Indian Trail Road, and N Indian Trail Road.

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