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Welcome To the  Stallings  and  Indian Trail  virtual  public workshop

This virtual workshop allows you to provide input on station area planning ideas on the proposed station areas within Stallings and Indian Trail. Walk through the various virtual rooms to learn about station area planning and give feedback on some of the early visions and ideas proposed for the various station areas.

Virtual Open House Background Concepts_Easels_3_Solo.jpg
HOW  TO  Participate in this 
virtual Workshop
  • Sign in below before entering the virtual workshop. This is optional, but we’d like to keep in touch and share more important study information.

  • Navigate through the different rooms to learn about existing conditions, vision ideas for demonstration areas along the corridor, and TOD areas along the corridor in Stallings and Indian Trail.

  • Fill in the virtual comment cards or leave your feedback on the interactive maps.

  • Review the Next Steps room to learn how you can stay engaged.

**It is important to collect demographic data to ensure all stakeholder groups are represented in the planning process. The following questions will help the City of Charlotte & CATS monitor and evaluate community engagement efforts.

Stallings  and  Indian  Trail  virtual  public workshop  Virtual Stations

Virtual Open House Background Concepts_Easels_3_Solo.jpg
Introduction  and What is TOD?
Virtual Open House Background Concepts_Easels-station2_Solo.jpg
Existing Conditions
Virtual Open House Background Concepts_Easels-8_Solo.jpg
Downtown  MAtthews
Virtual Open House Background Concepts_Easels_4_Solo.jpg
Demonstration Area
Virtual Open House Background Concepts_Easels_5_Solo.jpg
Demonstration Area
Indian  Trail
Virtual Open House Background Concepts_Easels_1 and 6_Solo.jpg
Next Steps

Stallings  and  Indian  Trail  virtual  public   Meeting

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